November 18, 2015

In Response to Noel Crombie's article for The Oregonian, "New Marijuana Rules Get Tougher on Pesticides in Oregon Cannabis Industry." 

Dab Society and our parent company, Swell Companies, applaud Noelle Crombie and The Oregonian for bringing to light the deficiencies in Oregon's regulatory system for cannabis products and in particular the serious, but very much fixable, issue of pesticide use in cannabis cultivation. 

We welcome the coming licensing regulations and new testing standards that are a critical step towards the evolution of a safe and vibrant legal cannabis market in our state. We also believe Oregon's medical marijuana patients and adult recreational consumers want and deserve more: cannabis cultivators and processors should be held to the highest standards of socially and environmentally responsible best practices.

It is all of our responsibility to make the world a better place. Removing pesticides from all forms of agricultural production, not just cannabis, is critical to a sustainable future. 

Link: New Marijuana Rules Get Tougher on Pesticides in Oregon Cannabis Industry



June 11, 2015

In Response to Noel Crombie's Article for The Oregonian, "A Tainted High."


Dab Society Extracts sees The Oregonian's investigation as a critical leadership moment for the cannabis industry and for our company.  The safety of our patients is our top concern.  Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to scrutinize and secure our supply chain, and to become a voice for necessary regulation in our industry.

  • Nothing ever leaves our shelves unless we are confident in its quality and purity
  • We have scaled back production in order order ensure we can source only from gardens we have personally verified for best practices

Today in Oregon, Cannabis growers and the labs that test their products are unregulated.  Our recent experience has shown that it's up to us as a processing company to ensure we are bringing the only the safest and highest quality products to market.  To the end we will:

  • Create comprehensive additions to our "Soil to Oil" tracking system 
  • Source only from gardens with verifiable, transparent best practices
  • Look for opportunities for processor certifications; until then, adhere to best practices and remain transparent
  • Test only with the most reputable labs

We are craftspeople who depend upon locally sourced products, and we are proud of our relationships with our growers and dispensaries.  We also believe everyone has a right to know where the products they consume come from, and our packaging routinely features the names of the gardens sourced for our products.  Going forward, this will be our standard practice.  Meanwhile, until strong regulatory oversight is in place, we will limit our production to ensure that we source only from gardens we have personally verified.

But individual companies can only do so much.  Oregon needs a robust regulator system that ensures compliance from players at every level of the industry.  As members of the Oregon Cannabis Association and Oregon Cannabis PAC we will engage the legislative and rule-making process to ensure that Oregon establishes rigorous - and vigorously enforced - regulations that the industry and consumers can depend on.

Link: A Tainted High